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Product Code: 700 GALLON JKT MIX TANK
700 GALLON JACKETED & INSULATED MIX TANK; DOUBLE MOTION SCRAPE SURFACE MIXER. 65"diameter X 52"sidewall X 60"deep ~785 TOTAL GALLONS= 700 GALLON BATCH SIZE. HOT WATER JACKET & MIXERS INSTALLED BY RIADA. INSULATION & BEAUTY JACKET INSTALLED BY CUSTOMER. This tank is on consignment from our long time customer; they no longer need this tank. Last used to mix soaps & degreasers. Located at RIADA in Winder GA. The tank shell is 1/4" thick. We have the manufacturers drawings from ROSS. Please call or email for more info: 770-867-6557. NOTES: Needs to be cleaned, pressure test jacket, & test run the drives.